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Midnight Melt Candle

Midnight Melt Candle

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Imagine the crackling of a hearth, surrounded by leather-bound books, where your intuitive contemplation is a sexy-making stage. You capture a fleeting glance under an illusionary glow, and naturally enter a flowing sensual stream.

Our Midnight Melt candle is mesmerizing, mysterious, slightly dreamy, and deeply intimate.  It evokes a feeling of elegantly stepping out of your head and being embraced by a humming smokiness infused with sandalwood, amber, and oud. The fragrance is richly relaxing, reminiscent of a slow kiss from your muse, and a silky scent addiction you'll want every night.

Scent Profile: Rich, Mysterious, Sensual.

  • Top Notes: Sandalwood.
  • Heart: Amber.
  • Bottom Notes: Oud, Cedarwood.

Our candles:

  • 3.25" d, 3.5" H.
  • Hand-blown, recycled glass vessel.
  • 45-hour approximate burn time.
  • Perfect for larger spaces like bedrooms & living rooms.
  • Coconut wax blend & hemp wick.
  • Natural, non-toxic, & vegan for a clean, safe burn.
  • Master blended fragrance of natural essential oils and botanical extracts.
  • Intentionally handmade with love in Austin, Texas.
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